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How to easily market yourself online and build a fanbase.

Everyone knows authors need to have an online presence, but have you ever wondered what the point is to all the posting, tweeting, and blogging? I mean, it’s probably been taking up a lot of the valuable time and energy you could be spending on writing. Am I right?

Well, in my upcoming class on August 31st at 6pm EST, I will show you the BIG PICTURE that will finally make sense of it all!

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In this live training, I will show you the best way to easily tie things together so that you finally see a return on the time and energy you spend cultivating your online presence (using tools you likely already have). It doesn’t matter whether you are a new or established author, there should be plenty of knowledge bombs to go around!

Here’s EXACTLY what you will learn in this FREE Webclass:

No more guessing! See what the big picture of what an...

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Tips for Choosing an Audiobook Narrator

Working on Turning Your Ebook into an Audiobook?

First of all, congratulations on branching out into a new, profitable market! Though it may seem obvious, I would like to start by saying that there's a learning curve to anything new you undertake, and audiobooks are no different. On the other hand, it gets much easier after the first one. So take a deep breath, relax, and treat the first conversion as a learning experience. Remember, nothing is permanent and mistakes can always be fixed.

Aside from being a freelance fiction editor, I am also author. And so far, I have converted fifteen of my books into audio. In addition to that, I love listening to audiobooks and have learned a lot from being on both sides of the fence. So hopefully this compiled list of tips will help you with the most important part of making an audiobook: choosing a narrator.

How long of an audition script should I post?

When uploading the audition script for your book you want to carefully choose a...

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What Kind of Editing/Editor Do I Need?

You did it! You finished finally writing and your manuscript is complete. Now what?

The next phase is editing, of course. First, you need to decide what kind of editing your manuscript needs. In publishing, the vast majority of manuscripts go through three stages of editing, and often each of these is performed by a different editor. I have put the following information into a FREE downloadable PDF. If you would like to have it, just click on the button in the sidebar.

Developmental Editing

This is a high-level look at the story content and is usually the first phase of editing. In this pass, the editor analyzes the structure and organization of the manuscript and gives recommendations to make the story stronger with regards to its concept and flow. There is no sense in proceeding to the next steps until this one is complete as there may be revisions or shifting of large sections of the manuscript.


This is when every word and mark of the manuscript is checked. The editor...

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Dispelling Myths: What Editors Don’t Do

editing proofreading Jun 02, 2017

An editor will tell me if my work is good, right?

My editor is going to transform my book into a breakout novel that will jump to the top of Amazon’s sales rankings and make me a bestselling author, right?


Many authors look to editors to tell them if their writing is good, if the story is good, and if they are going to make a lot of money once it gets released. I for one, unfortunately, cannot find my crystal ball. The mystery of what it is editors actually do is where the disconnect lies between them and some of their customers.

Editors are Industry Experts, Aren’t They?

To some authors, editors are these mysterious creatures who toil alone in an office with a computer doing something that involves words (Don’t get me wrong, this is how we like it). They seem to have potent magical powers because they are often the ones who screen submissions and deem whether they are worthy of their publishing house.

Doesn’t that mean they are experts in the subject...

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